Last updated: 30 Abril 2021

By providing this Cookies Policy, DISET, S.A. (hereinafter, “DISET”) demonstrates its commitment to the current legislation on the use of cookies, providing users with information so that they can understand what type of cookies we use and why we use them, in order to provide transparency regarding the data processed about the navigation on our website (hereinafter, the “Website”).

This policy is periodically reviewed to ensure its validity, so it can be modified. We recommend that you visit the website regularly where we will inform you of any updates in this regard.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are received on the terminal from the visited website and are used to record certain browsing interactions on a website by storing data that can be updated and retrieved. These files are stored on the user’s computer and contain anonymous data that is not harmful to their equipment or devices. They are used to remember user preferences, such as the selected language, access data, or website customisation.

Cookies may also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a website. For example, from which website you have accessed, or if you have used an advertising “banner” to arrive, or to remember your browsing preferences.

2. Why do we use cookies?

DISET uses strictly necessary and essential cookies for you to use our website and allow you to move freely, use our secure areas, customise the different options, etc.

In addition, DISET uses cookies that collect data related to the analysis of the use of the website. These are used to help improve the service to the user by measuring the use and performance of the website in order to optimise and customise it.

Hyperlinks that allow a link to other pages or websites are used or may be used on this Website. DISET does not control the cookies used by these external websites. For further information about the cookies on other third-party websites, we recommend you to review their own cookie policies.

3. How do we use the different types of cookies?

Technical cookies: These are essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the use of the different options and services it offers. For example, those that are used to maintain the session, manage response time, performance or validation of options, use security elements, share content with social networks, etc.

Analytics Cookies: They are used to create browsing profiles and to know the preferences of the user in order to improve the offer of products and services.

Advertising cookies: They allow the management of the advertising spaces on the website, by adapting the content of the advertising to the content of the requested service, or to the use carried out on the website based on the information available on Internet browsing habits.

The cookies used on the website are shown schematically below:

Nombre de la cookieDuraciónUso


1 minuto.

Se usan para limitar el porcentaje de solicitudesSe usan para limitar el porcentaje de solicitudes
2 Años.
Se usa para distinguir a los usuarios.


24 horas.

Se usa para distinguir a los usuarios.

4. What happens if I accept the Cookies Policy?

If you accept our Cookies Policy, you allow us to improve the Website to offer you optimal access and provide you a more effective and personalised service.

However, you can always modify your consent and select your preferences through the cookie configuration box that you will find in the cookie use banner on the home page and/or through the cookie configuration available depending on the browser you use, following the guidelines in the following clause.

5. How can I disable Cookies?

In order to comply with current legislation, we have to ask your permission to manage cookies. Through the cookie settings box you can authorise or not cookies according to their type. If you decide not to authorise the processing of cookies, indicating your non-acceptance, we will only use technical cookies, since they are essential for browsing our Website. In this case, we will not store any cookies. 

In addition to the cookie settings box which allows you to change, delete and/or prevent the use of cookies, you should know that it is possible to perform these actions by changing the settings of your web browser:

These web browsers are subject to updates and changes, so we cannot ensure that they are fully compatible with the version of your web browser. You may also use another web browser not found in these links, such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To prevent misalignments, you can access the options of your web browser directly, generally found in the “Options” menu in the “Privacy” section. For further information, see the help section of your web browser.

Additional information about data protection:

The personal data will be kept for the time that is strictly necessary, until the end of the purpose for which they were collected, and as long as the cause continues to be that used to legitimise the processing of said personal data. Once the cause that legitimised the processing no longer exists, the personal data will be retained, properly blocked, for the necessary period of time to comply with the legal statute of limitations, in order to prevent any possible violations.At any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability or opposition to the processing of your data, including to file a claim in the event that you believe that DISET is processing your data improperly, please send a written communication to DISET to the address Calle C, nº 3, Sector B, Zona Franca, 08040 Barcelona, or write to the email address

You can use the templates and forms concerning the rights referred to above by addressing them to the official website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( In the event that you believe that DISET is processing your data personal improperly, you can send your claims to this Supervisory Authority.

For further information about how we process your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy